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My name is Ian Fleming (no known relation to the James Bond author); I began working in IT in 1982 as a trainee programmer for Riva Turnkey (at the time a small software house in Bolton, UK). I have been living in the USA (San Francisco Bay Area, CA) with my wife Veronica and children Christine and Oliver, since 1995.

For the past 30+ years I have worked within the commercial data processing arena, with a heavy concentration on Software Quality:-

Hewlett Packard (Application Programmer: 1990 – 1998)

SAP Labs Inc. (Certification consultant and QA Lead: 1998 – 2004)

Well Fargo Bank (Technology Manager (QA): 2004 – 2011)

SugarCRM, CRM start up (Senior QA: 2011 – 2017)

Ford Research and Innovation Center, Palo Alto CA (QA Engineer: 2011 – today)

It was during my time at SAP Labs that I became interested in QA and Software Process Improvement. From that time I also began to specialize in the problems (and solutions) of load testing large enterprise systems, completing my Master’s degree in 2004 with a dissertation entitled:-

A time driven approach to simulating HTTP traffic

The following websites represent my personal interest in all things to do with Software Process Improvement (SPI), SQA and software testing:-

sqa.net My first website, established over 10 years ago to answer the simple question (but difficult answer) What is SQA?

software-quality-assurance.org Having looked at a number of definitions of QA and SQA I realized that adherence to standards only makes sense within a continuous improvement framework (i.e. not for its own sake). This site looks at CMMi, a standard Software Process Improvement framework from the Software Engineer Institute. The CMMi Essay Button is a somewhat tongue in cheek guide to implementing and benefiting from CMMi for the ‘every day’ person (not just NASA personnel).


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