SQA and Software Articles

Various SQA and software related articles that I have written in the past several years.

Article Overview
IT GovernanceIT Governance is more do to with Software Quality Assurance than Corporate Governance, this article explains how IT Governance aligns with the pursuit of Software Quality.
Software Requirements Specification This article continues the discussion about requirements by examining the essence and issues with producing the Software Requirements Specification.
Business RequirementsThis article presents an overview of business systems requirements, one of the major engineering deliverables in the CMMi process improvement framework.
Agile Software QualityThis article looks at the Agile development process in order to determine whether or not traditional Software Quality processes can co-exist with this development process.
CMMi SCAMPIThis article presents an overview of the CMMi appraisal method (SCAMPI). It is targeted at anyone requiring a basic introduction to SCAMPI or anyone considering doing a Self appraisal for CMMi compliance.
Overview of CMMiAugust 2006, Version 1.2 of CMMi for Development was released by the Software Engineering Institute, SEI, at Carnegie Mellon. This article presents an overview of CMMi for Development by way of a primer for the full text. The main CMMi concepts and the CMMi for Development documentation structure is explained in an easy to read format.
Software MetricsThis article looks into the measurement of the presence of software attributes. The idea is to measure the extent to which the desired characteristics are present then to make adjustments to the SDLC in order to improve the given metric (measure), this is the basis for Software Process Improvement (SPI). CMMi is referenced by way of example.
ISO 9126-1Following previous research into software quality characteristics (see next article), ISO 9126 represents the ISO's latest solution for a useful categorization of software attributes. This article presents an overview of ISO 9126-1, the first part of the ISO 9126 standard that defines the reference quality model.
Software Quality AttributesThis article presents an overview of Software Quality Attributes also know as Software Quality Factors. Research and definition of Software Quality Factors continues today, but the essential purpose of these models is to characterize software in such a way as to facilitate its cost and benefit measurement. Understanding (by way of measurement) the benefit and costs of software is an activity that is fundamental to SQA, SQC and Software Process Improvement (SPI).
SQC versus SQAThis article clarifies the roles of SQA and SQC. The relationship between SQA and continuous process improvement is also expanded. Although these definitions are repeated elsewhere, on SQA.net, this article addresses the common issues with differentiating between SQA and SQC. This article also makes clear the pragmatic nature of SQA regarding measuring software quality as a consequence of actions and not from established theories, principles or unchallenged practices.
Using Regular Expressions in VBscriptThe motivation for this article was to provide a tutorial for performing URL rewriting using VBscript. This was targeted at Microsoft's Application Center Test (ACT) but it is a useful primer, with worked examples, for anyone wishing to learn or improve their Regular Expression skills in VBscript.
HTTP CharacterizationFor a variety or reasons, academic and practical, it is useful to be able to characterize HTTP traffic (i.e. Connections used, Requests per Second etc.). This article presents a list of HTTP characteristics that can be used as workload definitions for Web Server performance testing.

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